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Whether you have a young puppy, kitten just starting out in life or you have or elderly dog or cat, you should consider having at least one appointment with Dr. Jill Elliot at NY Holistic Vet in New York City. Having a consult with Dr. Elliot may save you hundreds of dollars, avoid unnecessary expensive conventional treatments and put you and your companion animal on the right tract for the rest of its life.


Why do we suggest this...Because most people seek complementary medicine after they have exhausted all conventional treatment avenues. Dr. Elliot hears time and time again "I only wish I had come to you sooner." Once they have worked with Dr. Elliot and experienced her caring, positive outlook and expert treatments they return with their younger and newly acquired animals for a lifetime of holistic care.

Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation (VOM) - Chiropractic Care

Dr. Elliot will discuss with you the tremendous benefits of starting young cats and dogs with a chiropractic regime initially and continuing with annual chiropractic adjustments. Research shows that if young animals start out with chiropractic treatments early in their life THEY LIVE 28.5% LONGER AND HEALTHIER LIVES!


Low Level Cold Laser (LLLT)

If your companion animal is having ANY MUSCULAR SKELETAL ISSUES....being treated by STATE OF THE ART Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation and/or combined with Low Level Cold Laser Treatments can quickly, painlessly, inexpensively (compared to most surgeries for this condition) markedly improve and/or resolve the problem completely in a very short time.

Dr. Elliot performing Veterinary Cold Laser on Oscar.

What If You Own Horses?

If you are a horse owner with a young horse just being saddle broken, one you have been riding with no health problems, an older horse with some problems or one ready to put out to pasture; you should have Dr. Jill Elliot make a stable visit to assess your horse’s health and have a conference with her about what she can do for you and your horse with VOM and LLLT.


Animals receiving VOM and LLLT usually see improvement of their conditions within the first week after staring treatment. Many are able to GET OFF ALL conventional drugs used for pain.

Cold laser therapy performed on a horse.
Chiropractic adjustment performed on a horse.

What About Vaccinations?

Dr. Elliot consults with owners on which vaccines are vital to the animal's health and which can be eliminated. She believes that fewer vaccines are better than more vaccines. She will council you on the minimum vaccines to give and then how to use vaccine titers to evaluate the efficacy of the vaccines for the rest of the animal's life.


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Featured in May 2012 Issue of Reader's Digest on pages 111-112

"After their kitten vaccinations, indoor cats don't really need to be vaccinated. They're not going to get rabies sitting inside the house. Vaccines have the potential to create a lot of harm for cats, including possible tumors at the vaccine site."

What Homeopathic Remedies Can Do For Your Animals

Dr. Elliot also uses homeopathic medicine to treat many acute and chronic problems in animals.


Dr. Elliot sees many animals diagnosed with CANCER. In many cases she uses homeopathic remedies to SUCCESSFULLY treat cancer cases. Often these cases go into remission for a long time or do not get any worse, allowing the animal to live a longer, happy, pain free life. She also uses a natural product called NEOPLASENE to treat some cancers. You and she will have a cancer consult where you will learn about all the pros and cons of any of these treatments and decide together how to best proceed with treatment.


Many pet owners come to Dr. Elliot after being very discouraged by their other veterinarian’s prognosis for their beloved pet. Most leave the consultation with Dr. Elliot with a renewed sense of power and optimism that there is something they can do to help their pet fight this terrible disease. Many animals on homeopathy and/or Neoplasene often outlive the expected prognosis originally given for their condition on Dr. Elliot's holistic treatments.

Homeopathic Remedies.

What Can You Expect From Holistic Veterinary Medicine

By seeing Dr. Elliot you will get a holistic view point on common topics like vaccinations, best diets to feed, how to perform a few easy rituals that can improve your animals’ immunity naturally and prevent diseases from taking hold. She will talk to you about simple dental care and eye care that you can easily perform at home using holistic products that will forestall the need for costly dentistry and eye issues.


In addition these STATE OF THE ART modalities can improve and resolve many other acute and chronic problems such as: constipation, diabetes, diarrhea, pneumonia, chest congestion, allergies, geriatric problems including cognitive disorders and other conditions..


You will learn about natural pain medicines/herbs/homeopathic remedies that can be substituted for conventional ones (i.e. Rimadyl, Medicam, etc.) which can have severe side effects including death.


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