Whole Health For Happy Dogs: A Natural Health Handbook for Dogs and Their Owners

By Jill Elliot, DVM and Kim Bloomer, Ph.D.

As your dog's caregiver, it is important to know how to help your dog be healthy. With all the advances in pet nutrition and veterinary medicine, dogs should be living longer. By understanding the difference between health and disease, and how to use natural remedies, you can help your dog thrive well into the golden years.


Whole Health for Happy Dogs is a complete reference guide to help you understand what it takes for your dog to be at optimal health. From what you should feed to how to protect your dog from pesky pests, Whole Health for Happy Dogs offers everything you need to know for your dog naturally, including:


  • What health is and what it is not
  • Determining what breed is best for your lifestyle
  • Key steps to keeping your dog healthy
  • How to recognize disease and how to prevent it
  • Tips on diet, nutrition, exercise, and choosing a veterinarian
  • Natural treatments including aromatherapy, acupuncture, homeopathy, and chiropractic
  • Conventional and holistic care—which will best serve the needs of your dog?
  • Natural solutions for the home and yard to ensure the good health of your dog
  • Compelling photography and illustrations throughout


Author Information

Jill Elliot, D.V.M., is a practicing veterinarian licensed in New York City.  She graduated from Ross University of Veterinary Medicine in June 1995. Besides practicing conventional veterinary medicine, she has extensive training in many complementary medicines including Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation (VOM), Low Level (cold) Laser (LLLT) and homeopathy. She trained with the renowned Richard Pitcairn, DVM, Ph.D., in advanced homeopathic treatment with animals. She then went on for further training in homeopathy with well-known homeopaths that specialize in treating people both in Europe and the U.S.  She further trained with a leading veterinary neurologist, William Inman, DVM, to learn the VOM and LLLT technology and Jeff Spencer, DC, who is the chiropractor to many accomplished athletes, to study advanced training in LLLT.


Over her years of practice, she has successfully treated and cured many acute and chronic diseases using complementary medicine as well as conventional medicine. Not only does Dr. Elliot have all the knowledge and tools that conventional medicine can offer but she has additional tools to reach for from the complementary side to treat her patients. She tends to use complementary medicines first when treating problems in her practice.


Dr. Elliot has lectured extensively both locally and at national conferences. She has appeared as a guest on many television shows both on news programs and some public radio. She has lectured on Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation and Low Level (cold) Laser therapy at the Open Center, NYC. 


Dr. Elliot is committed to continually expanding her knowledge and experience in the areas of complementary medicine to offer her clients the most up to date and beneficial services available.


Kim Bloomer, Ph.D., has worked with animals in a variety of professions, including veterinary assistant and grooming assistant in kennels and pet stores, and has been caring for animals for over forty years. Through challenges with her own pets, Kim has diligently searched and researched, and now applies what she has learned to the care of her own pets with much success to date. Her passion is to help others care for their pets for the wellbeing of the animals and to reduce the costs for the caregiver in the process, by teaching them how to prevent illness in the first place. Kim and her dog, Shadrach have an RSS Channel on Natural Pet Health Care at Aspenbloom Well Pet

Table of Contents



1. What is Health?
2. What is Disease?

3. Health-Care Considerations: Choosing the Care That is Right for Your Dog and the Best Person to Provide it
4. Holistic Care: From Acupuncture to Homeopathy
5. Vaccines
6. Check-ups: Health and Age
7. Food and Nutrition
8. Flea, Tick, and Heartworm Prevention
9. Understanding Natural Remedies: From Herbs to Cod Liver Oil
10. Traditional Veterinary Care
11. Be Your Dog's Medical Advocate
12. Environmental Toxins and Natural Solutions


Appendix A: Breeds
Appendix B:
Breed-Specific Diseases

Appendix C: Treatments for Common Diseases
References and Suggested Reading
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Dr. Elliot retired from practice on December 14, 2021.


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