Ellen D. March 2016

On May 18, 2015, I came into the City for you to see Moses. Long story short, when we drove home and Moses got out of the car wobbly and could not walk in a straight line. I immediately called you and you told me to take him immediately to the hospital. I took him to Oradell Animal Hospital where they diagnosed him with some type of cancer. They suggested I leave him overnight so they could determine what type of cancer it was. When I refused they kept inferring I should euthanize him and not take him home. He was terminal they said and this was the best option. They kept telling me how grave his disease was. Much to their disapproval I asked for pain medication for him and took him home so he could die on his own terms with us.


That night unbeknown to me you called Oradell Animal Hospital to get details on Moses. You called the next morning and you were such a comfort not only in your support but your validation that I did the right thing by not leaving him there. You were in agreement that he should die at home on his own terms. You also told me the pain medication they gave me, Buprenex, was good and that Moses would not be in pain. You also recommended a homeopathic remedy for his mouth sores which I gave him. He died that evening in my arms in the yard.


I can’t thank you enough. You went above and beyond by calling Oradell Hospital to follow up and then contacting me. You reassured me that I had done everything right and that Moses was where he needed to be and would be comfortable.


I am still amazed that when we found him crossing the NJ Turnpike back in 2003 we took him to you for his neutering on 3/29/04. You were the only vet that would see him without vaccinating him. That’s the first time I met you. Then we met again at Dr. Buchoff’s office years later. You were the last of his personal vets to see him. It was a full circle. 

Dr. Elliot is the BEST! I spent a lot of time looking for a holistic vet, and when I finally found Dr. Elliot, it was a life-changing event. My rescued dog Penny was ridden with worms, pneumonia, skin rash, and incontinence. Jill never pushed surgery or drugs as the first line of treatment. Instead, we had a holistic/Homeopathy consultation and came up with a treatment plan. Penny is now a healthy and vibrant 13-year-old and still going strong. Dr. Elliot truly cares about your pets and you. Her office fees are very reasonable, and Homeopathic medicine is usually inexpensive and effective. She is the best-kept secret of NYC! Four thumbs and four paws way, way up for Dr. Jill Elliot.

Audra A. October 2015

Our cat Toby, a 17-year-old DSH suddenly became paralyzed in late January 2014. All four limbs were involved, with no movement from him with five weeks of constant care.  One of the vets where I work told us it was time to euthanize him.  Toby was alert and knew we had to give him another chance.  That's when my mom found Dr. Elliot.  We scheduled an appointment and she explained the different outcomes and it doesn't work for everyone.  We agreed we would try a few rounds of chiropractic (VOM) and low level (cold) laser treatments and see what happens.  After the first treatment, Toby started to move his front legs.  After the 2nd treatment, he was moving rear legs.  We kept going and now after 14 treatments Toby is walking and getting around on his own.  He has his moments where he'll be "off", but we are forever grateful that we can enjoy many more years with our "miracle cat" Toby!

Diane G. July 2014

Tanza, my wild ( formerly feral), beloved,  athletic 12-year-old Domestic Short Hair recently began exhibiting symptoms of arthritis. Conventional medications helped briefly, but then had no effect whatsoever. Her condition accelerated to such a degree, that she suddenly developed a terrible limp, and could barely walk!


Devastated to see her in such pain, I searched
for an alternative solution -- and discovered the very wonderful Dr. Jill Elliot.

The day after her first cold laser and chiropractic treatment, Tanza's limp totally disappeared! And now, 8 treatments later, her mobility and agility are completely restored-- as if the problem had never existed. What seems like a miracle, is in truth, the result of Dr. Elliot's professional expertise, knowledge, and compassionate care.


Thank you, Dr.Elliot, with all my heart!


Billie N. June 2014


Napoleon, my 13-year-old Yorkie was diagnosed as having arthritis and problems with his Trachea. The conventional treatment made him listless and did not improve his arthritis or breathing. His eyes showed distress from coughing. His appetite was markedly poor.

The decision to try a Holistic approach led to Dr. Jill Elliot. Her use of Laser treatment proved to be the right intervention. There was a MARKED improvement in his overall health after the second treatment. His boundless was energy restored. His breathing was quiet and regular. The joy of seeing him impatiently waiting

to be fed was immeasurable!! His barking is strong and loud as ever!!


Thank you Dr. Jill

Joy C. & Phil H. March 2014

We just wanted to express our gratitude to you for sharing your professional knowledge and personal warmth in caring for our cat, Vinnie, this past year.


When Vinnie first came to see you in April 2013 for his chiropractic treatments, I honestly only turned to holistic treatments as a last resort/ option. Obviously, I now recognized how backward my thinking was and I wished I had discovered you sooner. The care that you provided was far superior to the conventional care he received for many years.


When we adopted him from the shelter, it was clear that Vinnie had faced many obstacles already in his life. We are still struggling to understand why cancer had to be one of them. We greatly appreciated the education you provided and the timely and thorough responses to our many questions; you are clearly a very skilled and caring team who recognized what a precious gift Vinnie was.


We wanted to thank you for granting us the peace in knowing he received the best possible care.

Martitia M. December 2013

"Two years ago my heart on four legs - Bodhi - could barely walk because of vertebral compression. Thanks to the expertly administered noninvasive therapies and TLC of Drs. Lindsey Wedemeyer and Jill Elliot, I have to stop him from galloping on asphalt. He's down to monthly maintenance, and I could not be more thankful. I'd wanted a Pom since I was 7. Chriscendo Pomeranians' Starman was worth the wait." - Quoted from Martitia's Facebook page.

Melanie B. November 2013

I need to take a moment and thank you from the bottom of my heart for the care you provided to Tucker over the years. It was such a blessing to find you on NY1. I am so happy to have found you and that I was able to treat Tucker all naturally in his senior years. The cold laser therapy and chiropractic work allowed him to get up and down through the end of his days. Also, I will never forget when we discovered the tumor and you talked with me about the options for him and I knew he was in perfect hands because you were all about the quality of life versus giving him heavy medicine that would destroy his body. I will forever be grateful to you. 

Tali M. 2013

When I first visited Dr. Elliot with my beloved almost 10-year-old Schnoddle Beckham (yes, he is named after the soccer player), I was very disheartened by his disease. Beckham was diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis, was on many daily medications, and nothing seemed to work. He had good days, but many bad days, and my family and I never knew how he would be when the day started. Here is where Dr. Elliot comes in. I am a big believer in Homeopathy and thought why not try it on my dog. Dr. Elliot was amazing from the start. Beckham was so traumatized by his previous vet visits, but Dr. Elliot just made him feel comfortable, did not poke him, and just tried to get to know him and me. He was put on a remedy and now, and just a few months later, he is happy and without pain. I am so grateful to have found Dr. Elliot for caring so much about animals and their owners. Thank you.


June 2013

Ruth, Pet Rescue, 2013


We brought him to you at the beginning of December 2011, after he had just been diagnosed with lymphoma by the Animal Specialty Center in Yonkers. They suggested exploratory surgery and without it, they gave him about 2 more months to live. We decided to try holistic treatment for him and you came highly recommended. After only a couple of weeks of homeopathic treatment, he started to improve. He got his appetite back and became playful again (he was not even 5 years old yet). He was not hiding anymore in dark corners and avoiding us. He gained all his weight back and now, about 1 1/2 years later, he is the picture of health. We still continue to give him his homeopathic dose once a week, just to keep him healthy (and because we are too scared to stop) and he loves taking it since it's such an easy way to treat a cat. No foul-smelling medication or pills. He opens his mouth and swallows the syringe with water easily. In fact, if I call him, he comes running for it. 


Thank you so much for saving this amazing boy's life. We can't thank you enough.


April 2013


Kate M. 2012


My 14-year-old cat, Pearl, was diagnosed in July of 2012 with early-stage kidney disease. I was told by my vet that there was nothing I could do. I immediately went online looking for a holistic vet in New York City and found Dr. Elliot. She's a wonderful and caring vet whom Pearl felt at ease with immediately. Dr. Elliot recommended Renavast and Pearl is doing beautifully. She's happy and her coat looks glossy and feels like velvet! I am now bringing my 14-year-old cat Lucy in to see Dr. Elliot for a series of treatments (laser and activator) for her arthritis and I can already see a big difference in her walk and energy after the first treatment. Lucy is also now on Renavast and is responding well to it.

Dr. Elliot is my "go-to" vet for everything! She stays current on all the latest treatment options, my cats feel safe and happy with her and I am truly grateful.


November 2012




Sheila M. from Cork, Ireland 2012

I just wanted to send a thank-you note regarding advice I found online on using arnica after trauma. My 7-month-old beagle puppy was hit by a car last Saturday and broke her pelvis in 6 places.

Even on opiate injections at my vets she couldn't lie down and spent 2 days standing. She was physically and emotionally exhausted and it was suggested that she might be better off being put to sleep.

My vet decided to give her one day at home on pain meds to see if there was any improvement. I googled homeopathy and came across your site and immediately began using arnica as well. By the end of that day, she was allowing me to hold her to sleep and by the next, she was lying down herself. Only one week later she is running around, sleeping great and today lost her limp!

My vet can't believe it, confirming my belief that arnica is responsible for her miraculous recovery.

Thank you for sharing your advice online - you've certainly helped one very lucky puppy all the way over in Ireland!



Tim Saternow 2011

My 14 year old cat, Sophie, was in extensive pain caused by extensive arthritis in her back.   I saw Dr. Elliot for twelve cold laser treatments and it¹s as if the arthritis never existed.   She now has no pain and runs and jumps all over.   Truly amazing stuff -- and no drugs!

Blossom's Owner 2011

Blossom, the cat's skin ailment stumped extremely knowledgeable vets. She'd been itchy for nearly a year, scratching out fur, and suffering secondary infections from all the scabs.  Competent vets speculated it was "Environmental” while at the same time admitting they didn't know the root cause. I suspected it may have been caused by bacteria released from intensive dental work. Rather than subject her a cortisone shot for the third time, we went to see Dr. Jill Elliot. Cold Laser therapy was a new concept to me, but the doctor’s impeccable reputation and my concern for Blossom's comfort was the deciding factor. There was a noticeable improvement after just one treatment and I'm hopeful that she will be symptom-free soon. Yay Blossom and Dr. Jill!

Francine DeSanctis 2003

I met Dr. Elliot in September 2001 when my 13-year old cat Alex had been extremely ill and he had developed an intestinal problem.


My vet at the time was trying to treat Alex with conventional medicine, and I was concerned because the high powered antibiotics were not helping his condition.


I called about 20 vets in the NYC area before I was referred to Dr. Elliot.  During my first visit I was impressed with the amount of time she spent with me to learn about Alex.  Not only was she concerned with his previous treatment, but she also wanted to know about his personality, environment, and relationship with me and my new kitten, Toby.  She told me a little about her approach to helping animals.  It was obvious to me that being a vet was truly her calling in life!


Within a few weeks, Dr. Elliot was able to identify the right homeopathic pellet that Alex responded to and almost immediately Alex showed considerable improvement with his condition.  Dr. Elliot is extremely responsive and returns my calls almost immediately.  Over the past two years, Alex's health has somewhat stabilized.  Occasionally he still requires a homeopathic pellet to stabilize him.


I owe his big THANKS to Dr. Elliot for finding a cure to Alex's condition!  I'm convinced I would have probably put Alex down...due to the amount of pain that he was in...and his poor quality of life.  I just love him too much to see him suffer the way he was...even with the conventional medication.


She really loves animals, and it shows in her unique approach!


October 2003


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