Lauren N.   August 2020

I came to Dr. Jill at a time when I had lost all hope. Our baby boy, Leo, a 6-year old male Bengal was diagnosed with very aggressive Cutaneous Lymphoma. He also had an open wound on his leg that was resistant to most antibiotics. He did not respond to his first chemo treatment or initial antibiotics. Our local vet and the oncology team suggested that we call it quits. Determined to do everything I started researching holistic/homeopathic vets. I reached out to everyone I could find.


Dr. Jill immediately responded. We had a virtual appointment since we were in COVID times. I was beyond impressed. She was incredibly knowledgeable and had a vast library of resources for me to explore. She was the only Dr. who was on the same page as me the entire time. After our consult, we emailed and called daily. She was always responsive and had Leo's best interest in mind. She cared about his physical and mental wellbeing first and foremost. She was kind, patient, and worked with me every step of the way. From calling pharmacies to sending me remedies that I could not find on my own. There was nothing she didn't tackle with me.  She held my hand (virtually) the whole time.


Unfortunately, I think we started homeopathic remedies too late. Leo's cancer was extremely aggressive. The wound on his leg turned out to be MRSA. That, coupled with the lymphoma and chemo, had left him too weak to overcome his illness. However, we saw a huge improvement in his personality and quality of life after starting the homeopathic remedies for a number of weeks. But when we saw a downturn in his health, we realized he could not beat it, we had a wonderful service come to the house to lay him to rest.


When I researched homeopathic vets and found Dr. Jill, there was one common thread in all her reviews. Everyone "wished they had found her sooner." I cannot agree more. She is truly the best. 


While we are heartbroken about the loss of Leo, I know we did everything we could and that he had the best care with Dr. Jill.







Dr. Elliot retired from practice on December 14, 2021.


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