Veterinary Low Level (cold) Laser & Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation with Horses

Dr. Elliot performing low level (cold) laser to treat horse with abscess in his neck.
Dr. Elliot performing low level (cold) laser to treat horse with pain in upper back and withers.
Dr. Elliot testing horse for soundness using VOM technology at Todal-y Stable, Hillsboro, NJ
Dr. Elliot using VOM technology to treat horse with front leg lameness as West Milford Equestrian Center, Newfoundland, NJ

Miraculous Cures Using VOM and LLLT

Dr.Elliot has worked with horses using VOM and LLLT technology. Her results with horses have been just as successful as with small animals.


Brandy, a 25-year-old Thoroughbred was dragging his back legs when he walked and dribbling urine. Dr. Elliot treated Brandy with VOM and LLLT technologies. After one treatment he stopped dragging his rear legs except when he made a sharp turn and stopped dribbling urine. When she saw him one month later he was still doing well. He was treated one more time to keep up the positive results.


Romeo, a 6-month-old colt was about to begin training for racing one day. He was treated with one VOM and one LLLT treatment although the horse had no problems whatsoever. However, after the treatments, the owner remarked "He's not tripping as much as he used to."


Maybelline, a 7-year-old female quarter horse who was pregnant and due to deliver her foal in about six months at the time she got her first treatment.  She seemed ok to the owner but moving slowly. After first VOM treatment, the owner of the horse and stable owner commented that Mabelene seemed more comfortable, moved around the barn and pasture more easily and was generally easier to handle. One more VOM treatment was given a month later. Reports are that she continued to seem more comfortable in general and easier to handle than before any VOM treatments. 


Duke, a 12-year-old male horse, was led out to our class of students when we were learning to use the LLLT technology. Duke was a small horse (maybe 14 hands high) bay (brown) colored. He walked slowly towards us and kept his head down the whole time. The owner of the stable told us he had slowed down a lot and might have had a neck injury. The way he was walking certainly seemed to corroborate this hypothesis. We attempted to do VOM on him. He was very nervous and didn’t seem to like the clicking noise the activator made. We opted to do only LLLT on him. After we finished the treatment of 4 “runs” each run set with 4 different settings to address what appeared to be neck pain and a general setting for anti-inflammatory effect, Duke was led into the corral next to where we were treating other horses. As soon as Duke was unclipped from the lead rope he started to whinny, snort in a playful manner, and run back and forth along the fence. He seemed happy and free of pain and continued to whinny to the other horses as they were brought up to us to work on He also continued to run back and forth in a playful manner for the entire three hours we were there. He obviously felt better and wanted to let everyone else know it.






Dr. Elliot retired from practice on December 14, 2021.


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